Microsoft Internet Security & Acceleration Server (ISA) 2000 - Enable or disable URL Scanning

To enable or disable URL Scanning


In the console tree of ISA Management, click Internet Security and Acceleration Server, click Servers and Arrays, click the applicable array, click Extensions, and then click Web Filters.


In the details pane, right-click the Web filter named URLScan Filter and then:

To enable the filter, click Enable.

To disable the filter, click Disable.


Review the URLScan.ini file, located in the ISA Server installation folder.


If necessary, overwrite URLScan.ini with one of these configuration file:

URLScan_owa.ini. This configuration file is optimized to help securely publish Microsoft® Exchange Outlook® Web Access (OWA) servers.

URLScan_iis.ini. This configuration file is useful for standard IIS Server publishing.


Restart the Web Proxy service (w3proxy) to apply the changes.


To open ISA Management, click Start, point to Programs, point to Microsoft ISA Server, and then click ISA Management.

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