Utilities to enhance accessibility

A wide variety of hardware and software products are available to make personal computers easier to use for people with disabilities. Among the different types of products available for MS-DOS and the Microsoft Windows operating systems are:

Programs that enlarge the information displayed or alter the color of information on the screen for people with visual impairments.

Programs that describe information on the screen in Braille or synthesized speech for people who are blind or have difficulty reading.

Hardware and software utilities that modify the behavior of the mouse and keyboard.

Programs that enable users to type using a mouse or their voice.

Word or phrase prediction software that allows users to type more quickly and with fewer keystrokes.

Alternate input devices, such as single switch or puff-and-sip devices, for people who cannot use a mouse or a keyboard.

For information about accessibility products and aids for Windows operating systems, see the accessibility page on the Microsoft Web site.

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