To change FilterKeys options

FilterKeys is a keyboard feature that instructs the keyboard to ignore brief or repeated keystrokes. Using FilterKeys, you can also slow the rate at which a key repeats when you hold it down.


Open Accessibility Options.


On the Keyboard tab, under FilterKeys, click Settings, and then do one of the following:

To use the shortcut that allows you to turn StickyKeys on or off by by holding down the right SHIFT key for eight or more seconds, select the Use shortcut check box.

To ignore a keystroke that is repeated too quickly, select Ignore repeated keystrokes.

To set further options, such as specifying the amount of time that must pass between repeated keystrokes in order for a keystroke to be recognized as an intended keystroke, click Settings.

To ignore a keystroke that is pressed too briefly, select Ignore quick keystrokes and slow down the repeat rate.

To set further options, such as specifying that keystrokes are not repeated when a key is held down or that a key must be held down for a specified amount of time to be accepted as a valid keystroke, click Settings.

To sound a beep when you press a key and another beep when the pressed key is accepted as a keystroke, under Notification, select the Beep when keys pressed or accepted check box.

To display an icon for FilterKeys on the taskbar when FilterKeys is turned on, under Notification, select the Show FilterKeys status on screen check box.


To open Accessibility Options, click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Accessibility Options

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