Configuring Windows for people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing

People who are deaf or hard-of-hearing can configure Windows to use visual cues in place of sounds, or increase the volume level of program and system sounds.


SoundSentry displays a visual warning, such as a blinking program window, when your computer's built-in speaker makes a sound.

Step-by-step procedure


ShowSounds instructs programs to provide visual cues, such as informative icons or text, for events that are normally only indicated by a sound.

Step-by-step procedure

Sound Schemes

Use Sound Schemes to assign custom sounds to events. People who have difficulty hearing sounds within a certain frequency range can use Sound Schemes to adjust system and program sounds to make them more audible.

Step-by-step procedure

The accessibility tools that ship with Windows are intended to provide a minimum level of functionality for users with special needs. Most users with disabilities will need utility programs with more advanced functionality for daily use. For information about accessibility products and aids for Windows operating systems, see the accessibility page on the Microsoft Web site.

Control Panel accessibility options

Sounds and Audio Devices overview

Assign sounds to program events

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