To turn on MouseKeys

MouseKeys is designed for people who have difficulty using a mouse. MouseKeys allows you to use the numeric keypad to control the mouse pointer. If you want to use the numeric keypad for data entry as well as for navigation, you can set the MouseKeys to be activated by pressing NUM LOCK.


Open Accessibility Options 


On the Mouse tab, under MouseKeys, select the Use MouseKeys check box.

To turn off MouseKeys, clear the Use MouseKeys check box.

To turn on MouseKeys using keystrokes


Press left ALT + left SHIFT + NUM LOCK.


In the MouseKeys message dialog box, press SPACEBAR to clear the Turn off keyboard shortcut for this accessibility feature check box.


Press TAB, and then press ENTER.

If MouseKeys does not turn on using the keystrokes above, follow the steps below.


Press the Windows logo key () + R to display the Run dialog box.


Type access.cpl and press ENTER.


Press CTRL+TAB until the Mouse tab is selected.


To select Use MouseKeys, press SPACEBAR.


Press TAB twice to select OK, and then press ENTER.


To open Accessibility Options, click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Accessibility Options

To change settings for MouseKeys, on the Mouse tab, click Settings.

If the Use shortcut check box in the Settings for MouseKeys dialog box is selected, you can turn MouseKeys on or off by pressing left ALT+left SHIFT+NUM LOCK.

For more information on changing MouseKeys options, click Related Topics.

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