Common tasks

The following accessibility tools are frequently used when configuring accessibility options. Click the Index or Search tab to search for a specific word or phrase.

Turn on High Contrast

High Contrast improves screen contrast with alternative colors and font sizes.

Step-by-step procedure

Turn on StickyKeys

StickyKeys enables simultaneous keystrokes while pressing one key at a time.

Step-by-step procedure

Turn on FilterKeys

FilterKeys adjusts the response of your keyboard.

Step-by-step procedure

Turn on ToggleKeys

ToggleKeys emits sounds when locking keys such as CAPS LOCK, SCROLL LOCK, and NUM LOCK are pressed.

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Turn on SoundSentry

SoundSentry provides visual warnings for system sounds.

Step-by-step procedure

Turn on ShowSounds

ShowSounds instructs programs to display captions for program speech and sounds.

Step-by-step procedure

Turn on MouseKeys

MouseKeys enables the keyboard to perform mouse functions.

Step-by-step procedure

Turn on SerialKeys

SerialKeys allows the use of alternative input devices instead of a keyboard and mouse.

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Accessibility Options in Control Panel can be used with other accessibility programs included with Windows.

The accessibility tools that ship with Windows are intended to provide a minimum level of functionality for users with special needs. Most users with disabilities will need utility programs with more advanced functionality for daily use. For information about accessibility products and aids for Windows operating systems, see the accessibility page on the Microsoft Web site.

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A wide variety of hardware and software products are available to make personal computers easier to use for people with disabilities.

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Many documents are also available as online Help, online guides for users, or on a CD that comes with the package.

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Information on Microsoft products and services for people with disabilities.

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