To add a new infrared device to a serial port


Connect the infrared device to a serial port on your computer, and note the serial port number (typically COM1 or COM2).


In Control Panel, open Add Hardware


In Welcome to the Add Hardware Wizard, click Next.


In Installed Hardware, click Add a new hardware device, and then click Next.


In The wizard can help you install other hardware, click Install the hardware that I manually select from a list, and then click Next.


In Common hardware types, click Infrared devices, and then click Next.


In Select Infrared Device, do one of the following:

If you do not have an installation disk for the infrared device, under Manufacturers, click the manufacturer, under Infrared Device, click the infrared device, and then click Next.

If you have an installation disk for a compatible driver, click Have Disk, insert the disk, click Next, and then follow any additional instructions to install the device.


In The wizard is ready to install your hardware, click Next.


In Infrared Device Installation, select the serial port to which your infrared device is attached, and then click Next.


To open a Control Panel item, click Start, click Control Panel, and then click the appropriate icon. 

This procedure applies only if an infrared device was not installed automatically when you turned on your computer. Typically, USB, PCMCIA, and other Plug and Play compliant infrared devices are automatically detected and installed. These devices do not need additional configuration to be installed.

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