Extending Aliases

When you are comfortable with WMIC, you might want to customize it to your own requirements and work style. Or you might want to extend it to work with additional namespaces and classes for systems you manage. Extending the aliases available to WMIC can allow you to achieve both of these goals. You can extend aliases by either adjusting the aliases that are provided with WMIC, or by creating your own aliases. You can also create additional formats to improve the output from aliases.

In order to understand how to extend aliases, you must first understand how aliases are implemented, in terms of alias namespaces and classes You can then follow the procedures for creating or editing aliases 

If you want to create or edit formats, you must follow those procedures.

If you want to change the way that values are output in WMIC but you do not want to create a new format, you can consider creating or editing translation tables


When editing default views, be sure to save your changes to a format outside of WMI. If you update WMI or the operating system, the new version of WMIC might return the aliases or output formats to the defaults, overwriting your changes.

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