To change System Restore settings

You can change System Restore settings by:

Excluding a non-system drive so System Restore does not monitor or restore it 

Resuming System Restore monitoring 

Allocating more disk space to System Restore 

Turning off System Restore 

Turning on System Restore 


System Restore is enabled on all drives when you first start your new computer or when the operating system is installed, unless you have less than 200 MB of available space on the hard disk (or the partition that contains your operating system folder).

If you do not have enough disk space available when your operating system is installed, then you must turn on System Restore, using the preceding steps, after you have made sufficient disk space available.

If you run out of disk space, System Restore becomes inactive. When you have made sufficient disk space available, System Restore is automatically activated, but all previous restore points are lost.

When System Restore is turned off on a partition or drive, all restore points stored on that partition or drive are deleted. Changes that are made on an excluded partition or drive are not reverted during a System Restore.

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