Disables a Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows NT 4.0 system service or a device driver The disable command is only available when you are using the Recovery Console

disable {[service_name] | [device_driver_name]}



The name of the system service you want to disable.


The name of the device driver you want to disable.


The following example disables the Eventlog service:

disable eventlog


The disable command sets the startup type to SERVICE_DISABLED for the service or driver you specify.

When you use the disable command to disable a system service or a device driver, the name of the previous startup type for the system service or device driver will display on the screen. You should write this name down in case you need to restore the startup type to its previous setting using the enable command.

There are five startup types. The first three, SERVICE_AUTO_START, SERVICE_DISABLED, and SERVICE_DEMAND_START, correspond to the standard startup types, Automatic, Disabled, and Manual, which you typically configure using Services in the Computer Management administrative tool. The last two, SERVICE_BOOT_START and SERVICE_SYSTEM_START, are commonly used to configure the way device drivers load; for example, when the computer is started or when Windows starts.

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