Creates and deletes partitions on a hard drive. The diskpart command is only available when you are using the Recovery Console

diskpart [/add | /delete] [device_name | drive_name | partition_name] [size]



Used without parameters, the diskpart command starts the Windows character-mode version of diskpart.


Creates a new partition.


Deletes an existing partition.


The device on which you want to create or delete a partition. The name can be obtained from the output of the map command. An example of a device name is:



The partition you want to delete, by drive letter. Used only with /delete. An example of a drive name is:



The partition you want to delete, by partition name. Can be used in place of the drive_name. Used only with /delete. An example of a partition name is:



The size, in megabytes (MB), of the partition you want to create. Used only with /add.


The following examples delete a partition:

diskpart /delete \Device\HardDisk0\Partition3

diskpart /delete F:

The following example adds a 20 MB partition to your hard drive:

diskpart /add \Device\HardDisk0 20

Recovery Console overview

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Install the Recovery Console as a startup option

Delete the Recovery Console

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