Computer Management overview

Computer Management is a collection of administrative tools that you can use to manage a single local or remote computer. It combines several administration utilities into a console tree, and it provides easy access to administrative properties and tools.

You can use Computer Management to:

Monitor system events, such as logon times and application errors.

Create and manage shared resources.

View a list of users connected to a local or remote computer.

Start and stop system services, such as Scheduled Tasks and Indexing Service.

Set properties for storage devices.

View device configurations and add new device drivers.

Manage applications and services.

Computer Management contains three items: System Tools, Storage, and Services and Applications. For more information, see:

System Tools overview 

Storage overview 

Services and Applications overview 


If you are not a member of the Administrators group, you might not have access rights to view or modify some properties or to perform some tasks.

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