To delete your offline files


Open My Computer


On the Tools menu, click Folder Options.


On the Offline Files tab, click Delete Files.


In the Confirm File Delete dialog box, select the check box next to the shared folder that contains the offline files you want to delete.


Do one of the following:

To remove copies of the network files Windows automatically stores on your computer, click Delete only the temporary offline versions.

To remove the network files that are automatically stored on your computer as well as the network files you specifically made available offline, click Delete both the temporary offline versions and the versions that are always available offline.


To open My Computer, click Start, and then click My Computer

To delete individual offline files, on the Offline Files tab, click View Files. Select the files you want to delete. On the File menu, click Delete.

Temporary offline files are also known as automatically cached files. These shared network files are automatically downloaded and made available to you on your computer when you open them. You do not need to make these files available offline, they are available automatically. Windows may remove them from your local cache at any time if more more disk space is needed for other temporary files.

The shared network files that you have specifically made available offline are always available to you. These files will not be removed from your computer unless you delete them.

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