To make a file or folder available to you offline


Open My Computer


Double-click a network drive to view its contents.


Click the shared network file or folder that you want to make available offline.


On the File menu, click Make Available Offline.


Make Available Offline will appear on the File menu only if you set up your computer to use offline files. For more information, click Related Topics


To open My Computer, click Start, and then click My Computer

If My Computer does not contain links to any network drives, you need to assign a drive letter to a shared network resource. For more information, click Related Topics

To view a list of all of the shared network files that are available offline, on the Tools menu, click Folder Options. On the Offline Files tab, click View Files.

If all of the files in a shared folder are made available offline, any files placed in that folder will automatically be made available offline the next time you synchronize your computer with the network. The network administrator determines which files are available offline.

You can make a shortcut to a file available offline. However, if you make a shortcut to a folder available offline, the contents of the folder will not be available offline.

To make a network file or folder unavailable offline, right-click the item, and click Make Available Offline again to clear the check mark.

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