To change offline file access for shared folders


Open My Computer


Right-click a folder or drive that you have shared on the network, and then click Sharing.


Click Caching.


Make sure that the Allow caching of files in this shared folder check box is selected.


Select the setting you want.

Manual caching of documents

Provides offline access only to those files other users specifically identify. This caching option is ideal for a shared folder containing files that several people will access and modify. Manual caching is the default option when you make a shared folder available offline.

Automatic caching of documents

Makes every open file in a shared folder available offline. Older copies of files are automatically deleted to make way for newer versions.

Automatic caching of programs and documents

Provides offline access to shared folders containing files that cannot be changed. This caching option reduces network traffic because offline files are opened directly without accessing the network versions. The offline files generally start and run faster than the network versions.

When you use Automatic caching of programs and documents, be sure to restrict permissions on the files contained in the shared folder to read-only access.


To open My Computer, click Start, and then click My Computer

The default cache size is set to 10 percent of available disk space, but you can change this setting. On the Offline Files tab, under Amount of disk space to use for temporary offline files, drag the slider to the right to increase the cache size or to the left to decrease the cache size.

To see how much disk space the cache is using, open the Offline Files folder, and on the File menu, click Properties.

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