Debug: xs (display expanded memory status)

Displays information about the status of expanded memory.




?: Displays a list of debug subcommands.


Windows XP does not use this command. It is accepted only for compatibility with MS-DOS files. 

To use expanded memory, you must install an expanded memory device driver that conforms to version 4.0 of the Lotus/Intel/Microsoft Expanded Memory Specification (LIM EMS).

Debug.exe displays information in the following format:

Handle xx has xx pages allocated 
Physical page xx = Frame segment xx 
xx of a total xx EMS pages have been allocated 
xx of a total xx EMS handles have been allocated 


To display expanded memory information, type:


The xs subcommand displays information similar to the following:

    Handle 0000 has 0000 pages allocated 
    Handle 0001 has 0002 pages allocated 

    Physical page 00 = Frame segment C000
    Physical page 01 = Frame segment C400
    Physical page 02 = Frame segment C800
    Physical page 03 = Frame segment CC00
       2 of a total 80 EMS pages have been allocated
       2 of a total FF EMS handles have been allocated 

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Debug: xa (allocate expanded memory)

Debug: xd (deallocate expanded memory)

Debug: xm (map expanded memory pages)

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