Common tasks

The following tasks are frequently performed when you want to change various display settings on your computer.

Choose a different desktop theme

Microsoft Windows installs several themes on your computer. You can select a different theme, including the traditional Windows Classic theme.

Step-by-step procedure

Create your own desktop theme

Modify your desktop and other Windows elements, then save your changes as a customized desktop theme.

Step-by-step procedure

Choose a desktop background

Specify a picture to display on your desktop You can also change the color of your background.

Step-by-step procedure

Increase the size of Windows text fonts

If the text on your screen is too small for easy reading, you can increase the size of the fonts used in Windows menus, headings, and icon labels.

Step-by-step procedure

Change your screen resolution

Increase your screen resolution to view more information at one time. Everything will appear smaller on your screen, including text.

Decrease your screen resolution to increase the size of items on your screen. You will be able to view less information at one time, but text and other information will be larger.

Step-by-step procedure

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