To search for a file or folder


Click Start, and then click Search


Click All files and folders.


If you do not see All files and folders, you have probably changed your default search behavior.


Click Change preferences.


Click Change files and folders search behavior.


Click Standard, and then click OK.


Click All files and folders.


Type part or all of the name of the file or folder, or type a word or phrase that is in the file.


If you do not know either piece of information or want to narrow your search further, select one or more of the remaining options:

In Look in, click the drive, folder, or network you want to search.

Click When was it modified? to look for files that were created or modified on or between specific dates.

Click What size is it? to look for files of a specific size.

Click More advanced options to specify additional search criteria.


Click Search.


If you get too many results, try using additional search criteria to make your search more specific.

For information about changing the appearance of Search Companion, click Related Topics.

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