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Search Companion makes it easy to search for files and folders, printers, people, and other computers on your network; and it's a convenient starting point for searching for information on the Internet. Search Companion also has an indexing service that maintains an index of all the files on your computer, making searches faster.

When you use Search Companion, you can specify several search criteria. For example, you can search for files and folders by name, type, and size. You can find a file based on when you last worked on it or search for files containing specific text. You can search for a printer with a specific name or location if you are using Active Directory If you need to find a printer with special features, you can search for a specific model.

When you search the Internet using Search Companion, Microsoft collects some general information to measure Search Companion usage and improve performance. No data is ever collected by Search Companion when you search your local system, LAN, or intranet for any reason. To find out more about what information is collected when you search the Internet with the Search Companion and how it is used, please read the Search Companion Privacy Statement.

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