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Group Policy Platform SDK

Group Policy white paper

Implementing Common Desktop Management Scenarios

Implementing Registry-Based Group Policy

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Visit Full Armor for a Microsoft partner company that specializes in policy-related tools, such as FAZAM.

Related Windows tools and online Help topics

When you are working with the IntelliMirror technologies, you might sometimes want to look quickly at these tools or Help topics. Not all of these tools are available on all versions of Windows. Of those tools that are available on your version of Windows, not all of them are appropriate for managing Windows computers. See the Help topics for these tools for details.


Usually, Group Policy is not applied to a site. For more information, see Best Practices 

Administrative Templates

Administrative Templates provide a convenient navigable tree under the Administrative Templates folders in the Group Policy console. They contain hundreds of policy settings. Administrative Templates, as files, are identified by the .adm extension.

ADM filePolicy settings


Open Help for System settings


Open Help for Windows Media Player settings


Open Help for Internet Explorer settings


Open Help for NetMeeting settings

There are four .adm files included with Windows 

Computer Management

Power Users and Administrators can manage a computer locally using the Computer Management snap-in. This is not an Active Directory management tool; it is useful for managing individual computers, but not for managing many computers at the same time.

Open Computer Management

Open Help for Computer Management

Internet Protocol security

Internet Protocol security (IPSec) is generally accessed through Security Settings in Group Policy or through Local Security Policy

Open Help for IP Security

Microsoft Management Console

Microsoft Management Console (MMC) is the hosting application for most Windows 2000 and Windows XP administrative tools, including Group Policy.

Open Microsoft Management Console

Open Help for Microsoft Management Console

Offline Files and Folders (client-side caching)

Open Help for Offline Files and Folders

Registry Editor

Group Policy settings include changes to the registry. You can use Registry Editor to examine or edit a computer's registry.

Open Registry Editor

Open Help for Registry Editor


It is recommended that only advanced users edit a computer's registry. If a computer's registry becomes corrupted, the computer might not be able to operate.

Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP)

Open Resultant Set of Policy

Open Help for Resultant Set of Policy

Security Settings

Security Settings are accessed through Group Policy.

Open Help for Security Settings

Open Help for Security Setting Descriptions

Software Restriction Policies

Software Restriction Policies (SAFER) are accessed through Security Settings in Group Policy.

Open Help for Security Settings

Windows Installer

Windows Installer has no graphical user interface of its own for administrators. Software Installation in Group Policy, and Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel, both depend on Windows Installer.

Open Help for Windows Installer

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