To redirect My Documents to the home directory


Open a Group Policy object that is linked to the site, domain, or organizational unit that contains the users whose My Documents folders you want to redirect.


In the console tree, double-click Folder Redirection to display My Documents.


policy name Policy > User Configuration > Windows Settings > Folder Redirection > My Documents


Right-click My Documents, and then click Properties.


In the Setting box on the Target tab, click
Basic - Redirect everyone's folder to the same location.


Under Target folder location, click Redirect to the user's home directory, and then click OK.


This option is intended only for organizations that have already deployed home directories and that want to maintain compatibility with their existing home directory environment.

If you redirect My Documents to the home directory, domain administrators have full control over the user's My Documents folder. This is the case even if you select the Grant the user exclusive rights to My Documents check box on the Settings tab in the My Documents Properties dialog box.

Redirection to the home directory requires a Windows XP Professional client. It does not work for Windows 2000 clients, Windows NT clients, or Windows XP Home Edition clients.

In redirection of the home directory, security is not checked, and permissions are not changed. Folder Redirection assumes that the administrator has set directory security correctly. This relaxed security is why redirection to the home directory is only recommended if it is needed for backward compatibility.

In home directory redirection, no ownership checks are made. Normally, folder redirection fails if a user is not the owner of the folder to which he or she is being redirected. Because redirection to the home directory is intended for use in a legacy environment, this ownership check is skipped.

Users must have the home directory property set correctly on their user object in Active Directory The client computer finds the path for the user's home directory from the user object in Active Directory at logon time. Users who are affected by Folder Redirection policy must have this path set correctly, or folder redirection will fail.

Do not redirect My Documents to a home directory location that is subject to encryption by the Encrypting File System (EFS), because only you or a domain administrator will be able to decrypt it. The user whose My Documents folder is redirected there will not be able to decrypt it.

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