Choosing your Internet Connection Sharing host computer

In your home or small office network, it is recommended that you choose a computer that shares its Internet connection with the rest of the computers on the network. This computer is called the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) host computer.

To determine which computer should be your ICS host computer, use the following guidelines:

The computer should be running Windows XP.

This computer must be turned on so other computers on the network can access the Internet. If the computer is turned off, the connection to the Internet will not be available.

If one computer has a DSL or cable modem, it is recommended that it be the ICS host computer.


If Internet Connection Sharing is already set up on another computer, turn off ICS on that computer before you turn on ICS on Windows XP.

The Network Setup Wizard is only supported on computers using Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows XP Home Edition, or Windows XP Professional.

It is recommended that you install your shared printer on the ICS host computer. To use this printer, the ICS host computer must be turned on.

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Change the Internet Connection Sharing host computer

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