To make a local area connection

If you have a network adapter installed, and have set up a home or small office network, you are connected to a local area network (LAN). You are also connected to a LAN if your Windows XP fessional computer is part of a corporate network. When you start your computer, your network adapter is detected and the local area connection automatically starts. Unlike other types of connections, the local area connection is created automatically, and you do not have to click the local area connection in order to start it.


A local area connection is automatically created for each network adapter that is detected.

If more than one network adapter is installed, you can eliminate possible confusion by immediately renaming each local area connection to reflect the network that it connects to.

If your computer has one network adapter, but you need to connect to multiple LANs (for example, when traveling to a regional office), the network components for your local area connection need to be enabled or disabled each time you connect to a different LAN.

If more than one network adapter is installed, you need to add or enable the network clients, services, and protocols that are required for each local area connection. When you do so, the client, service, or protocol is added or enabled for all other network and dial-up connections.

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