Downloading available updates

If you set up automatic updating to notify you before downloading any updates, an icon appears in the notification area each time new updates are found.

To download available updates


Double-click the icon in the notification area.


If you want Windows to download an update, make sure that the check box beside it is selected.

If you do not want Windows to download an update, clear the check box beside it.

Your selected updates will be downloaded in the background, allowing you to continue working uninterrupted. This way, downloading will not interfere with or slow down other network activity, such as Internet browsing.

When downloading is finished, the icon appears in the notification area again, this time to notify you that updates are ready to be installed.

To pause or resume downloading


During the download process, click the icon that appears in the notification area, and then click Pause.


When you are ready for Windows to start downloading again, click the automatic updating icon, and then click Resume.

After the download has started, you can pause or resume downloading at any time. If you close your Internet connection or restart your computer after pausing a download, Windows automatically resumes the download the next time you are connected to the Internet.


If you decide not to download a specific update, you can have Windows Update offer that update again by clicking Restore Declined Updates in System in Control Panel.

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