Help and Support Center overview

Microsoft Help and Support Center is a comprehensive resource for practical advice, tutorials, and demonstrations to help you learn to use Microsoft Windows XP. Use the Search feature, Index, or table of contents to view all Windows Help resources, including those that are on the Internet.

In addition to Help resources, you can take advantage of various services and perform important support tasks - all from a single location.

In Help and Support, you can:

Let a friend help you over the Internet by using Remote Assistance.

Keep your computer up-to-date with the latest downloads from Windows Update.

Research which hardware and software are compatible with Windows XP.

Get help online from a support professional by using Microsoft Online Assisted Support.

Undo changes to your computer by using System Restore.

Use tools such as System Information to manage and maintain your computer.

Stay current with the latest support information and Help news from sources such as Microsoft Product Support Services and your computer manufacturer.


The Help topics in Help and Support Center are specific to the Windows XP operating system. Other programs that you might have installed on your computer (for example, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel) have their own Help topics that you can view from within those particular programs.

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