Support overview

The Support page in Help and Support Center offers a variety of ways for you to get help, including over the Internet.

Online assistance

Using Remote Assistance, you can allow someone you know to connect to your computer over the Internet, chat with you, and observe your computer screen as you work. With your permission, he or she can use their keyboard and mouse as you work together to solve your problem.

You can also visit a support newsgroup to find a peer to help you figure out the best way to use Microsoft products.

The Support page can give you access to assistance from your computer manufacturer, and if you acquired Windows XP separately, from Microsoft.

Offline assistance

If you're not connected to the Internet, you can use other tools to solve problems:

My Computer Information displays information about the hardware you currently have installed, including your disk drive(s); your software; and the amount of memory available. You can also review diagnostic information about the health of your computer system.

Advanced System Information and System Configuration Utility provide technical details that support professionals can use to help solve problems.

To use these features

Click Help and Support on the Start menu, and then click Support on the navigation bar at the top of the window.



For more support options, type support in the Search box in Help and Support Center.

Help and Support Center overview

Compatible Hardware and Software overview

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