Handwriting recognition overview

Handwriting recognition allows you to insert text by writing instead of typing. You can insert text using a handwriting device, such as a digital pen and tablet, or you can move your mouse to form words while holding down the primary mouse button

Your handwriting is converted to typewritten characters and inserted where you want it. In some software programs, such as Microsoft Word 2002, you can insert your handwriting as ink. Ink displays the text just as you wrote it.


Handwriting recognition engines are language-specific. The first five Microsoft engines that are available are Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean. Engines for other languages will become available.

You can use handwriting recognition in programs that support it. These include:

Internet Explorer 5.0 or later (you can use handwriting in text boxes that appear on Web sites, but not in the Address bar).

Outlook Express 5.0 or later (use handwriting to write e-mail).

All Microsoft Office XP programs, such as Microsoft Word 2002 or Microsoft Outlook 2002.

Any other software program that is enabled to use the Microsoft handwriting recognition engine.

To use handwriting recognition, you must install the handwriting recognition engine. For information about installing the engine, click Related Topics.

For more detailed information about using handwriting recognition, click the Help button on the Language bar.

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