Using the Microsoft speech recognition engine

The Microsoft speech recognition engine enables you to insert text into a document using specific programs. You can dictate text in any Microsoft Office XP program, in Internet Explorer 5.0, and in Outlook Express 5.0. Other software programs might eventually support the Microsoft speech recognition engine. You cannot dictate text in Notepad at this time.


Speech recognition engines are language-specific. The first three Microsoft speech engines that are available are Simplified Chinese, U.S. English, and Japanese. Engines for other languages will become available.

Along with being language-specific, some speech engines may be region-specific. For example, the Microsoft English ASR Version 5 engine is intended for speakers of U.S. English. British, Australian, and other non-U.S. English speakers may have difficulty using it due to variations in accent.

To use speech recognition, you should have a high-quality close-talk (headset) microphone and a sound card or USB port You should be able to position the microphone so it is close to your mouth. Use the Microphone Wizard to configure your microphone.

It is important to train the speech recognition engine to understand your voice. As you read the training text aloud, the engine looks for patterns in the way you speak to help it interpret the words you say. Training creates a speech profile for the individual speaker.

Speech recognition is not designed for completely hands-free operation; you'll get the best results if you use a combination of your voice and the mouse and keyboard, or your voice and a handwriting input device

For more detailed information about using Microsoft speech recognition, click the Help button on the Language bar.

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