Language bar overview

The Language bar is a floating toolbar that appears on your desktop automatically when you add handwriting recognition, speech recognition, or an Input Method Editor (IME) as a method of inserting text. In addition, if you add a second language or keyboard layout, you can display the Language bar from the taskbar

The Language bar enables you to easily switch between and perform tasks related to entering text. For example, if you are entering text with a handwriting input device, use the buttons on the Language bar to open the Writing Pad window, from which you can insert handwritten text into your document.

The buttons and options that are displayed on the Language bar depend on the text services you have installed, and the software program that is currently active For example, Microsoft Word 2002 supports speech recognition, while Notepad does not. If both programs are running, the speech buttons are displayed when Microsoft Word is active, but disappear when you make Notepad the active program.

You can move the Language bar anywhere on your screen, minimize it to the taskbar, or make it nearly transparent. If you do not use it, you can close it. You should remove text services that you do not use, as they require computer memory and can affect performance.

Add another text service

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Using the Microsoft speech recognition engine

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Hide the Language bar

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