Invoking WMIC

You can choose to use WMIC in interactive mode or non-interactive mode. Interactive mode is useful if you are at the computer and entering a series of WMIC commands. Non-interactive mode is useful if WMIC is being used from a batch procedure or if you only need to execute one WMIC command.

Interactive mode

To start WMIC in interactive mode (from Start -> Run, or the command prompt):

wmic <CR>

You will then have the prompt:


("root\cli" is the default WMIC "role")

At the prompt you can enter an alias, command, or global switch, or you can enter /? for help.

When you are done with WMIC in interactive mode, you can use the Exit or Quit commands to exit WMIC.

Non-interactive mode

You can also use WMIC in non-interactive mode:

wmic /?

/? gives help, but you are then returned to the command shell you were in, not the WMIC command prompt. WMIC aliases, global switches or commands can also be used in non-interactive mode.

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