To set up and configure your microphone


Connect your headset microphone to your computer. Most microphones use an internal sound card, or connect to a computer through a USB port Normally, the connections are in the back of the computer.


Position the microphone just to the side but not far from your mouth. It should not be directly in front of your mouth, and you should not be breathing into it.


Once you position the microphone, keep it in that position. Moving it after it is adjusted can affect the accuracy of your dictation.


Ensure that your office or room is relatively quiet so that your microphone picks up your voice and not background sounds.


On the Language bar, click Speech Tools , and then click Options.


On the Speech Recognition tab, under Microphone, click Configure Microphone.


Follow the directions in the Microphone Wizard to configure your microphone and set the volume.


Use a high-quality close-talk (headset) microphone.

If sound does not register, make sure the microphone is turned on. Some microphones have a mute switch. Also, double-check the connections to the computer. Some computers have more than one location where a microphone can be plugged in.

For speech troubleshooting information, see online Help in any Microsoft Office XP program, or click the Help tab in Speech in Control Panel.

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