Using text-to-speech

If you use speech recognition, you can have text read back to you without opening another program like Narrator. The text-to-speech function is initially available only in Microsoft Word 2002, though it might become available in other programs.

To turn on text-to-speech


On the Language bar, click Options .


Click Speak Text, and then click Pause Speaking so that a check mark appears next to each command.

Both buttons now appear on the Language bar.

To use text-to-speech


Select the text you want to have read back to you.


Click the Speak Text button on the Language bar.

To pause text-to-speech

Click the Pause Speaking button on the Language bar.


Speech recognition engines are language-specific. The first three Microsoft speech engines that are available are Simplified Chinese, U.S. English, and Japanese. Engines for other languages will become available.

Guidelines for using text-to-speech

If you have selected text, text-to-speech reads all of the selected text. If you have not selected text, text-to-speech reads the text from the insertion point to the end of the text that is in view.

You must have working speakers or headphones attached to your computer to use text-to-speech.

Add speech recognition

Install speech recognition

Speech recognition requirements

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