To find system data


Open System Information


In the Find what box at the bottom of the window, type the word or words that correspond to the system information for which you are searching.


Select the appropriate search option:

To search only through a portion of the console tree, select the Search selected category only check box. This starts the search at the top of the currently selected category and searches all of its subcategories. To start the search at the root, clear this check box.

To search only the categories in the console tree for a match, ignoring any matches in the details pane, select the Search category names only check box. To search both the console tree and details pane, clear this check box.

To search all categories in both panes, clear both check boxes.


Click Find.


To search for the item again, click Find Next.


To open System Information, click Start, and then click Help and Support. Click the Support button on the toolbar, and then, under Tools and Links on the left side of the window, click Advanced System Information. In the details pane, click View detailed system information

If the Find options do not appear at the bottom of the window, on the Edit menu, click Hide Find to clear the check mark and restore the options.

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