Net services overview

Many services use networking commands that begin with the word net. These net commands have some common properties:

You can see a list of all available net commands by typing net /? at a command prompt.

You can get syntax help at the command line for a net command by typing net help command at a command prompt. For example, for help with the net accounts command, type the following:

net help accounts

All net commands accept /y (yes) and /n (no) command-line options. For example, the net stop server command prompts you to confirm that you want to stop all dependent Server services, while net stop server /y, by automatically answering yes, bypasses the confirmation prompt and shuts down the Server service.

If a service name contains spaces, use quotation marks around the text (that is, "Service Name"). For example, the following command starts the net logon service:

net start "net logon"

For more information about Net services commands, see Net services commands 

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