Net continue

Continues a service that has been suspended by net pause.


net continue service


service : Required. Specifies the service that you want to continue. The following table lists some of the values for service.



Continues the Net Logon service.

"nt lm security support provider"

Continues the NT LM Security Support Provider service.


Continues the Task Scheduler service.


Continues the Server service.


Continues the Workstation service.

net help command : Displays help for the specified net command.


To make a minor correction to a resource, pause the service. Use the net continue command to reactivate the service or printer, without canceling user connections.

The effect of pausing and continuing a service can vary with each service.

If a service name contains spaces, use quotation marks around the text (for example, "Service Name").


The following command continues the Workstation service:

net continue workstation

If the service name consists of two or more words, you must enclose the service name in quotation marks. For example, to continue the NT LM Security Support Provider Service, type:

net continue "nt lm security support provider"

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