Net help

Provides a list of network commands and topics for which you can get help, or provides information about a specific command. Used without parameters, net help displays a list of commands and topics for which you can get help.


net help [command]



/help : Displays the correct syntax and the help for the command.


To display help for the net use command, type:

net help use

Or, type:

net use /help

To view just the syntax for the net help command, type:

net help /?

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Information that the user must supply


Elements that the user must type exactly as shown

Ellipsis (...)

Parameter that can be repeated several times in a command line

Between brackets ([])

Optional items

Between braces ({}); choices separated by pipe (|). Example: {even|odd}

Set of choices from which the user must choose only one

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Code or program output

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