To select a keyboard layout


Open On-Screen Keyboard 


On the Keyboard menu, select the following keyboard options:

Select the keyboard layout.

To use a keyboard layout which includes the numeric keypad, choose Enhanced Keyboard.

To use a keyboard layout that does not include the numeric keypad, choose Standard Keyboard.

Select the way the keys appear on the keyboard.

To display keys as they would normally appear on a standard keyboard, choose Regular Layout.

To display the most frequently used character keys together on the keyboard, choose Block Layout. (This also puts directional keys in the lower-right corner.)

Select the type of keyboard.

To use the U.S. standard keyboard, choose 101 keys.

To use the universal keyboard, choose 102 keys.

To use the keyboard that has additional Japanese characters, choose 106 keys.


To open On-Screen Keyboard, click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to Accessibility, and then click On-Screen Keyboard

Block layout is especially useful if you are using Hover to select mode because the characters most used are easy to select.

The 102 keys and 106 keys settings are not available with Block Layout.

The program in which you want to type characters must be active while you are using On-Screen Keyboard. 

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