Setting network options

Use the Network tab to configure the protocols and proxy settings that you want Windows Media Player to use when receiving streaming media files.

To access the Network tab

On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click Network.

The following options are listed on the Network tab:


Specifies the protocols Windows Media Player can use to receive a stream. The Player receives streams through UDP, TCP, and HTTP. It can also receive multicast streaming. By default, all protocols are selected, which means that the Player attempts to use each protocol to receive a stream. Because the Player can receive files using a variety of protocols, it is recommended that you select all protocols. However, if your network implements a firewall that prevents you from receiving streams that use the UDP or TCP protocols, you may want to clear the UDP or TCP check boxes.

Use ports

Specifies a particular port if UDP is the protocol used to receive streaming content. This option is useful if your network or firewall administrator has established a specific port that enables streaming content to pass. Unless otherwise instructed, Windows Media streams attempt to pass through firewalls on port 1755.

Proxy settings

Specifies how each protocol operates with a proxy server. Proxy servers are used when networks are protected by firewalls. If your network is behind a firewall, and you do not know how to configure your settings, please consult your network administrator.


Click to change the proxy settings of the selected protocol. There are several ways you can configure a protocol to work with a proxy server:

This optionSpecifies that

Autodetect proxy settings

The Player determine the ports that are open and use them to receive streaming content.

Use proxy settings of the Web browser

The Player uses the same configuration as your browser to access network communication.

Do not use a proxy server

The Player not attempt to communicate with a proxy server. Typically, this means that the Player does not receive streaming content from the Internet.

Use the following proxy server

The Player use the proxy server and port you specify. Select Bypass proxy server for local addresses if you do not want the Player to use the proxy server when streams are from local servers.

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