Using Plug and Play with ACPI hardware

To take full advantage of Plug and Play, you must use an Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) computer, running in ACPI mode, and the hardware devices must be Plug and Play. In an ACPI computer the operating system, not the hardware, configures and monitors the computer.

The Windows operating system determines which programs are active and manages all of the power requirements for your computer subsystems and peripherals ACPI lets the operating system direct power to devices as they need it, preventing unnecessary power demands on your system.

Because Windows controls your computer's resources and configuration, you can install Plug and Play hardware devices without restarting the computer. Windows automatically identifies the new hardware and installs the drivers it needs. If you are using any other type of computer, you may need to perform some setup steps manually and restart your computer when installing new hardware devices.

Power Options overview

ACPI overview

Hardware overview

Plug and Play overview

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