To connect directly to a Plug and Play printer

To install a Plug and Play printer that is connected directly to your computer, you must have Administrator privileges.


Connect the printer cable to the appropriate port on your computer according to the printer manufacturer's instructions.


Plug the power cord of the printer into a wall outlet and turn the printer on.

Windows detects your Plug and Play printer and, in many cases, installs it without requiring you to make any selections. The printer is ready to print.


If the Found New Hardware Wizard appears, select the Install the software automatically (Recommended) check box, click Next, and then follow the instructions.


You can also add a printer by clicking Add a printer under Printer Tasks on the left side of Printers and Faxes. This option is available only if folders are set to look like a Web page, and if a printer is not currently selected.

If Windows does not detect your Plug and Play printer, try to install it as a device using the Add Hardware Wizard. For more information, click Related Topics

When you are finished, printer appears in the Printers and Faxes folder. If you want to print a test page, first make sure your printer is turned on and ready to print.

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