To use advanced options to search for a printer

Find Printers uses Active Directory, which is available only if you are logged on to a Windows domain If you are connected to a workgroup rather than a domain, Find Printers is not available.


Open Find Printers


Be sure that Entire Directory is not selected in the In box.


On the Printers and Features tabs, type and select the appropriate search information.


On the Advanced tab, click Field, and then click the feature or attribute you want to search for (for example Printer Language).


In Condition, click the operator you want to use to further define your search (for example, Is).


In Value, type the variable you want to use (for example postscript), and then click Add.


Repeat steps 4-6 until you have specified all your search parameters, and then click Find Now.

The search parameters defined above would find all printers that support the postscript printer language. If you added the Supports Collation field and the Is TRUE condition, the search would find all postscript printers that support collation.


To open Find Printers, click Start, click Search, click Printers, computers, or people, and then click A printer on the network

To connect to a printer displayed in the results list, right-click the printer and then click Connect.

You can sort and filter your search results. For more information, click Related Topics

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