Print queue overview

The print queue shows the documents that are waiting to be printed. For each item on the list, information, such as the print status and number of pages, is provided. The following table shows the information displayed for each document in the queue.


Document Name

The file name of the document.


The current status of the document, such as Spooling, Paused, or Printing.


The user name of the person who sent the document to the printer.


The number of pages that have printed and the total number of pages in the document.


The size of the document in kilobytes.


The time and date that the document was sent to the printer.


The port being used by the printer.

If you manage a printer, you can control certain operations from the print queue. For example, you can pause or resume operation of the printer, and you can cancel printing of all documents waiting to be printed.

You can also manage documents you send to the printer. You can pause, resume, or cancel printing of a document; restart printing of a document; or you may view and change job settings, such as the priority and the person notified when the job is done. For documents waiting to print, you can view, but not change, settings such as the page orientation, paper source, and number of copies.

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