Choosing recovery actions if Windows stops unexpectedly

Using Startup and Recovery in System in Control Panel, you can configure Windows to do the following when a severe error (called a Stop error or Fatal system error) occurs:

Write an event to the system log.

Alert administrators.

Dump system memory to a file that advanced users can use for debugging.

Automatically restart the computer.

The dump of system memory to a log file can be valuable for debugging the cause of the Stop error. If you contact your technical support representatives about the error, they might ask for the log file. Note that Windows writes the log file to the same file name (Memory.dmp, by default) each time a Stop error occurs. To preserve log files, you should rename the log file with a unique name after the computer restarts. For more information, click Related Topics.

Specify what Windows does if the system stops unexpectedly

Specify the default operating system for startup

System Properties overview

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