What problem are you having?

Shutdown Event Tracker does not appear when you shutdown your computer.

Cause:  Shutdown Event Tracker is disabled.

Solution:  Enable Shutdown Event Tracker.

See also:  To enable Shutdown Event Tracker 

You initiated the shutdown sequence using a command line, but the proper shutdown reason text does not appear in Event Viewer.

Cause:  The correct reason codes were not used. When using a command line to shutdown and document a shutdown reason, the major and minor reason codes specified in the command must be defined on the computer that is being shut down. If these codes are not defined, the resulting entry in Event Viewer will reflect the same codes that were used in the shutdown command, but the incorrect text will be displayed.

Solution:  Define the reason codes on the computer to be shutdown.

See also:  To add your own shutdown reasons 

The OK button is disabled after you choose a shutdown reason.

Cause:  A text entry is required for this reason option.

Solution:  Type the information in the text box provided.

See also:  Using Shutdown Event Tracker for user-initiated shutdowns; Using Shutdown Event Tracker for sudden shutdowns

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