Using Shutdown Event Tracker for sudden shutdowns

A shutdown that is not initiated by a user is considered a "sudden" or "unexpected" shutdown. A sudden shutdown can occur when there is a power outage or a system failure. The first user with Administrator privileges who logs back into the computer after an sudden shutdown is presented with a dialog box where the reason for the shutdown can be indicated. You can choose from the following options when tracking the reason for a sudden or shutdown:

System failure: Stop error 

Power failure: Cord unplugged 

Power failure: Environment 

Other failure: System unresponsive 

In addition to these reasons, Shutdown Event Tracker provides a Problem ID box that you can use to record a unique identifier that corresponds to your trouble ticket system, and a Comment box where you can comment more fully on the reason for the sudden shutdown. You must fill in this text box when you choose Other.

These reasons are then recorded in Event Viewer. For more information on viewing shutdown reasons in Event Viewer, see To review Shutdown Event Tracker data

You can supplement or replace the default reasons supplied by Windows with your own custom reasons. For more information about this, see To add your own shutdown reasons

You must supply a reason following a sudden shutdown. If, after starting the computer following a sudden shutdown, you do not choose a shutdown reason within two minutes, Windows will log you off of the system and return to the initial logon screen.

You can only specify a reason for the most recent time you restarted your computer.

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