To delete a certificate


Open Certificates.


Do one of the following:

If you are in Logical Certificate Stores view mode, in the console tree, click Certificates.


Certificates - Certificate holder  > Logical store  > Certificates

If you are in Certificate Purpose view mode, in the console tree, click Purpose.


Certificates - Certificate holder  > Purpose 


In the details pane, click the certificate you want to delete. (To select multiple certificates, hold down CTRL and click each certificate.)


On the Action menu, click Delete.


Click Yes if you are sure you want to permanently delete the certificate.


To open Certificates, click Start, click Run, type mmc, and then click OK. On the File menu, click Open, click the console that you want to open, and then click Open. Then, in the console tree, click Certificates.

If you have not already created an MMC console that contains Certificates, see Related Topics.

In some instances, there is not a Certificates folder in the console tree. In that case, navigate in the console tree until the certificate you want appears in the details pane, and then continue the procedure.

You might want to back up the certificate by exporting it before you delete it. For the procedure to export a certificate, see Related Topics.

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