Connecting to the 6bone

The simplest way to connect to the 6bone is to use the 6to4 service that is included with the IPv6 protocol for Windows. You can use the 6to4 service either as a 6to4 host or as a 6to4 router by enabling Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on a computer that is connected to the Internet. The 6to4 service automatically configures itself with the appropriate 6to4 addresses and uses a specific 6to4 relay router on the Internet. For more information, see IPv6 traffic between nodes in different sites across the Internet (6to4) The following illustration shows the configuration of a host that is using 6to4 to communicate on the 6bone through a 6to4 relay router.


With 6to4, you can ping other computers on the 6bone (for example, ping6 The IPv6 Web site provides a list of IPv6-accessible servers that communicate on the 6bone. Additionally, the 6bone registry contains the names of other 6bone computers.

Some 6bone sites might be inaccessible. You might also experience connectivity problems. The tracert6 -d Address command might be helpful in either case. The -d parameter prevents reverse DNS lookup on intermediate router addresses. For more information about the 6bone, see the 6bone Web site.

For additional information about configurations, see IPv6 configurations

For information about using IPv6 in a test lab, see Setting up an IPv6 test lab


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