Wireless Link overview

After an infrared device is installed, the Wireless Link icon appears in Control Panel. You can use the Wireless Link icon to configure file transfer and image transfer options and then to send files or transfer images quickly and easily over an infrared link.

When another infrared transceiver comes in range, the Wireless Link icon appears on the desktop and on the taskbar. You can then:

Send files by specifying a location and one or more files in the Wireless Link dialog box. For more information, see Send files with the Wireless Link dialog box 

Send files by dragging file icons to the Wireless Link icon on the desktop and dropping them there. For more information, see Drag files to an infrared link 

Transfer images from a digital camera that supports the infrared image transfer (IrTran-P) protocol to your computer. For more information, see Transfer images from a digital camera to your computer 

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