Transferring files

You can use Wireless Link to send selected files or an entire folder to another computer running Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000, or Windows 98.

Establishing an infrared connection

To send files, first establish an infrared link with another computer or other infrared device, as described in the procedure To establish an infrared link When an infrared device is in range, the infrared connection status icon appears on the taskbar and the Wireless Link item appears on the desktop. These indicate only that an infrared device is in range. A data connection is made when Wireless Link or another program communicates over the link. While a program is connected over a link, the taskbar icon changes to the icon. As long as an infrared transceiver is in range, you can transfer data over the link.

The IrDA Winsock API enables programs to communicate with any device that implements one of the supported protocols, described in Infrared implementation Simultaneous connections over an infrared link are supported (unless the link is being used for a network connection), so more than one program can use the same link. If you use another program, refer to the documentation provided with it for procedures to transfer data.

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