To edit a certificate trust list for a Group Policy object


Log on to a domain for which you have administrative privileges to manage the Group Policy object that you want to change.


Open the Group Policy object that you want to edit.


In the console tree, click Enterprise Trust.


Policy Object Name  > Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Public Key Policies > Enterprise Trust


In the details pane, click the certificate trust list (CTL) that you want to edit.


On the Action menu, point to All Tasks, and then click Edit. This starts the Certificate Trust List Wizard. Follow the steps in the wizard to edit the certificate trust list for the Group Policy object.


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Using enterprise trust policy

Enterprise trust policy

To open a Group Policy object, see Related Topics.

To use this procedure, you must have administrative privileges for the Group Policy object.

This procedure does not apply to Local Policy objects.

To use the Certificate Trust List Wizard, you need the following information:

The certificate purposes for this certificate trust list. For more information about certificate trust list purposes, see Using enterprise trust policy 

The certificates that you want to add to the certificate trust list. You can add certificates from the certificate store on the local computer or from a file. Acceptable file formats from which you can import a certificate are an X.509v3 certificate file (.cer, .crt), a PKCS #7 file (.spc, .p7b) or a Microsoft serialized certificate store (.sst).

A certificate that has the Trust List Signing purpose and its associated private key in your personal certificate store. For general instructions on how to request a certificate, see Request a certificate 

As an option, you can enter a time stamp service URL to time stamp the certificate trust list.

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